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Keepers of “The List.” 
Thanks to all of you individuals who have helped the Reunion Committee by collecting and sending in updated data on your contact information and fellow classmates that you touch. We will continue as a committee to preserve and perfect this list so that we can efficiently and perpetually communicate with our Falcon Family. 
Where should you send updates and information on Missing Alumni? 
We have great news.    We've had such a great response to the "Guest Book" page of our class website that we would like to encourage a new plan.  While it might seem faster to send the address corrections to individual members of the committee, it seems better for the class and more expedient if we send our updates directly to the class website . . . ( You can best accomplish this through the “Contact Us” link.
Visit our class website often! The content changes almost weekly. Another advantage to letting the class website serve as our communication center is that as members post their notes on the “Guest Bookpage, you can send the classmate an email from their blog notes, directly to their email inbox!
Please keep the contact information coming! Great Job Falcons!Class of '69 Reunion Committee

Janis Hinds, 
Rosie Gibson,
Wayne Grooms, WGROOMS399@AOL
Craig Miller,
Debbie Jennings,
David Clyde,
Pat Fendley,
David Carter,
Bob Smyntek,
Verdery Pate,
Mike Stone,
Paula Peel, 
John Holdren,
Mike Middleton
Please note:  For General Delivery to the committee and fastest response, please use the following form and type in your email address below.  If you would like to get information to a member of the committee who does not have an email address listed, you are welcome to use the form below and we'll pass the message along.

Do you have contact information for our classmates who are not on the class list?  Please send us contact information for people that you don't see listed.  

We will eventually develop a "Lost List of Classmates" that will prompt you to send information in as you receive it.  

Please email this information or changes to your contact data through the site on this page so that we can effectively distribute the information.  

You are welcome to send emails to individual members of the committee directly from your email program as well, using the addresses supplied above.  

If you use the form below, you must type your address in the field.