Falcon Sponsors--

Red & White Sponsors--

Silver Sponsors--
Gold Sponsor

Platinum Sponsor

Diamond Sponsor

Commentary.  There are a number of members who during past reunions have offered to sponsor our events over and above their normal reunion costs. We would like to extend you a chance to be part of this community process. We have established levels of sponsorship that would be connected to each major class event that we coordinate. Sponsorships would support the following cost areas:

Banking Fees
Food & Refreshment Costs
Reunion Advertisement Expense
Website Development/Maintenance
Student Locator Expenses 
Gifts or Awards to Guests of Honor
Advertising, Administrative, Mailing Expenses, etc.
DJ & Entertainment Expense


Falcon Sponsor: $25
Red & White Sponsor: $50
Silver Sponsor: $100
Gold Sponsor: $250
Platinum Sponsor: $500
Diamond Sponsor: $1,000

Would you like to become one of our class sponsors? 

Please contact us with your intent. Those of you who said you wanted to help us before, now is the time to step up! :o) Thanks for your commitment.

Q & A.

Q: How will we know who our corporate sponsors are?
A: Special mention of sponsorship will be published at the event, in newsletters and on the website.

Q: What if I don't have the resources to contribute as a Diamond Sponsor, but I want to do more than the category my initial contribution qualifies for?
A: This is a great idea. If someone elects to increase their sponsorship support as their circumstances permit, they will be recognized in each category that their subsequent contribution qualifies for. You might be a Silver Sponsor and also a Falcon Sponsor. Accounting for expenditures will be provided.

The most important Gift we can receive is for you attend the reunion and join in the fun!!!  Thanks for your support . . .